Electronic Ballots

November 15, 2012 On November 15, CAPE national office issued electronic ballots to members regarding the CAPE Budget and Financial Statements, proposed amendments to the CAPE Constitution and proposed amendments to the Association By-Laws.
If you have not received your electronic ballots by close of business November 16, please contact the CAPE national office.
Please note, that if you receive the electronic from a source other than ecommunications@acep-cape.ca, it will not contain valid ballots. If you are forwarded a copy of the e-mail from any other source, please contact the CAPE national office at: general@acep-cape.ca or 613-236-9181 or 1-800-265-9181 and we will ensure that you receive a valid ballot.
You must be a registered member to vote on CAPE issues. If you are not a registered member, please register here. A ballot will be sent once your registration has been processed.
Thank you for your participation in this year's voting process.