Dues Vote Results

June 21, 2013 CAPE members vote in favour of the dues increase, but reject subsequent increases tied to the Consumer Price Index
CAPE members voted in favour of increasing their monthly dues by $8 in 2013 and $5 in 2014. However, they rejected a proposal to have their dues tied to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) commencing in 2015.
CAPE members were asked to vote on two questions. The first sought approval for a two-stage dues increase in 2013 and 2014. The voting results on that question were as follows:
1,851 Members voted in favour of the increase: 62.8%
1,078 Members voted against the increase: 36.6%
17 Abstentions: 0.6%
The second question asked the members to vote in favour of increasing dues by an amount equal to the annual increase in the CPI, commencing in September 2015. The voting results were as follows:
1,397 Members voted in favour of the increase: 47.4%
1,467 Members voted against the increase: 49.8%
82 Abstentions 2.8%
“This dues increase will allow CAPE to pursue its work and to provide its members with effective representation,” said CAPE President Claude Poirier. “After a seven-year freeze in the amount of CAPE’s membership dues, the professionals who belong to CAPE recognized the need to increase the Association’s revenue in order that it might better meet the needs of its members.”
"I am very proud of the response rate of our membership in this democratic process. Of the approximately 9,700 members eligible to vote, 2,946 cast their ballots - a participation rate of over 30%. To those who say that unions are anti-democratic and passé, a rate of participation such as this demonstrates that they are wrong," said Poirier.
According to Mr. Poirier, the increase in monthly dues of $8 in 2013 and $5 in 2014 will help eliminate CAPE’s deficit. “While we would have liked to have a mechanism that would have tied dues increases to rises in the Consumer Price Index commencing in 2015, our members decided against it. However, we are very pleased that the additional revenue approved by the members will allow the Association to absorb rising costs. We will be reviewing our expenditures closely so we can propose balanced budgets to our members starting in 2015.”
Taking into account the amount of time the Treasury Board will require to adjust deductions at source, CAPE expects the increase to come into effect in September 2013.
In 2012, CAPE members voted to reject a $15 increase in monthly dues. At that time, however, many members suggested to union leaders that it would make more sense to propose a smaller increase spread over several years. This in fact resembles quite closely the proposal just approved by a majority of CAPE’s members. That being said, the rate of participation of the membership increased by 58% compared to the dues vote held in 2012.
CAPE will notify the Treasury Board of the approved dues increase before July 1, which should give Public Works and Government Services ample time to implement the increase starting in September 2013. CAPE’s members will be notified of the effective date of the change in dues.