DFAIT and CIDA ignored CAPE’s Right to Consultation Prior to the Creation of DFATD

July 12, 2013 Ever since announcing the merger of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (DFAIT), CAPE has been requesting to consult with the department to ensure the rights of our members are being respected, and that the employment security of our members will be in no way compromised.
Without exception, DFAIT and CIDA have ignored these repeated requests. The lack of response is very unusual. Normally, departments are cognizant of their legal obligations and welcome consultations with bargaining agents.
CAPE intends to increase pressure and compel the new department to meet its legal and moral obligations to its employees who are members of CAPE. Local officers and the national will keep you informed regarding developments.
New Local
During the interim period preceding a decision of the local membership to found a new local, both the CIDA local and the DFAIT local will continue to exist, and will work in collaboration representing members locally. After a founding meeting of the membership the new Local will be identified as the DFATD Local, and will retain the DFAIT Local number - #516. Representatives of the CIDA local and of the DFAIT local will prepare together By-Laws for the new local.
A meeting of the CAPE DFATD Local is being scheduled for the early fall, in order to finalize the Local structure and to elect a new executive. Strong local representation is important, and combining the DFAIT and CIDA local will result in a vocal and powerful union presence at DFATD.
We will be reporting at the meeting on the consultation issue and other issues of concern to DFATD members.