CAPE withdraws from sick leave consultation committee

November 27, 2013

Last week, CAPE notified the employer of its decision to pull out of the working group on sick leave and disability benefits created by Treasury Board – a decision shared by all other federal public service bargaining agents.

We believe that these issues should be addressed in the forthcoming round of collective bargaining, and that short-term disability plan proposals cannot be dissociated from proposals pertaining to sick leave. Since the Treasury Board President never tires of repeating that he wants to “address the problem” of sick leave by reducing the number of sick days taken by public service workers, it was clear that we could no longer continue to participate in the employer’s attempts to address these matters outside of the proper venue – the collective bargaining table.

CAPE President Claude Poirier told Treasury Board representatives that “the Association will hear the employer’s proposals at the bargaining table, provided the goal is to discuss an integrated income protection system in case of illness or accident that does not reduce current levels of protection.”