CAPE Policy Grievance Over LeaveReconciliation Initiatives Referred to Adjudication

October 18, 2013

On October 4, CAPE referred its policy grievance over leave reconciliation initiatives in various departments to adjudication after the grievance was dismissed by the employer in a letter dated September 23.

The Public Service Labour Relations Board (PSLRB) has accepted the referral and has given the employer until November 11 to submit a copy of its decision to the Board.

The grievance arises from the employer’s decision to implement a leave reconciliation process to account for discrepancies identified when comparing leave recorded using iCase to leave recorded using Peoplesoft. Employees are being asked to reimburse the employer any leave discrepancies identified as a result of this comparison.

Meanwhile, the Association of Justice Counsel (AJC), which represents 2,700 lawyers employed by the federal government, has requested an expedited hearing at the PSLRB on this same issue, which affects a majority of its members. A future decision resulting from this expedited hearing could have an impact on CAPE’s grievance. We will keep you informed of developments as they occur.