Work Force Adjustment – CAPE Prepares its Members

June 23, 2011 Following Public Works and Government Services’ (PWGSC) announcement of Monday, June 20 of anticipated position reductions within the department, spanning a three year period, CAPE has taken several steps towards assisting our affected members. Members will find a new section on the CAPE website (, entitled “Work Force Adjustment”, a link to which can be found on the CAPE homepage in the menu on the right side. Several information tools have been posted here, for the use of our members. This information includes a Question and Answer document, a flow chart outlining the Work Force Adjustment process, a link to the Work Force Adjustment Directive on the National Joint Council website, as well as a document entitled “The Continuation of Employment of Affected Employees”. This last document will be of particular interest to CAPE affected members as it outlines an innovative process that CAPE has developed that aims to match up affected employees who wish to remain employed in the federal public service with employees who may wish to terminate their employment, for whatever reason. Members are invited to review these documents at /EN/specialNotice1/