Vic Toews Introduces Himself to Union Leaders

January 25, 2007 On January 16th CAPE President José Aggrey and CAPE Executive Director Claude Danik met with the newly appointed President of Treasury Board, the Honourable Vic Toews.
Mr. Toews met with Mr. Aggrey and Mr. Danik and the Presidents of several other major bargaining agents in the federal public service, in order to informally introduce himself and take the opportunity to explain how he foresees Treasury Board interacting with Bargaining Agents while he is President.
He made it clear that his intention is to allow his experienced staff to deal with the majority of matters, but did not dismiss the possibility of one-on-one dealings with union representatives. He made it a point to advise the Bargaining Agent Presidents that he puts great value on using the human resources available within the public service, rather than outsourcing, or contracting out. These are values that he gained while working for several years in the Manitoba public service, and are values that he carried with him to his work in the private sector.