UPDATE - Preparing for the Challenges Ahead ! President's Message

February 23, 2006 Last year, as part of the dues increase package, your National Executive Committee recommended to you and you approved, that CAPE hire a new Director to be responsible for labour relations, thus freeing up time for the current Director to focus on other extremely important functions of the Association. The role of the current Director (this position has now been converted to Executive Director) includes developing strategies for meeting the challenges of a new government, and responsibility for:
a) Collective Bargaining for CAPE's three Bargaining Units, (four tables: the TRs Collective Bargaining, the TRs Financial Incentives Plan; the LOP and the EC);
b) Preparing position papers on issues of interest and concern to our members prior to meeting with new Government officials;
c) Strengthening CAPE's research capacity, (e.g., information needed for collective bargaining);
d) Improving CAPE's internal and external communications;
e) Preparing for appearances before Parliamentary Committees to present CAPE's positions on Government policies that impact on our members;
f) Strengthening CAPE's advocacy role to ensure that our members’ rights and interests are protected under the PSMA, PSLRA, PSEA and the PESRA.
New Director of Labour Relations - Jean Ouellette
It is my pleasure to inform you that Jean Ouellette has accepted an offer from the Association to become CAPE's new Director of Labour Relations. Further to a selection process that gave the Association the opportunity to fully recognize and appreciate the value of its professional staff, the selection committee had a difficult choice to make. All of the candidates demonstrated what we always say to our members: CAPE has exceptional professional staff. I would like to congratulate all the candidates for taking part in the competition.
Jean comes to this position with a rich background and over 30 years of experience related to the federal public service unions. Jean joined the Association in May 2003. He was appointed to the position of Director of Labour Relations on February 6, 2006.
On behalf of the National Executive Committee and the members, I would like to congratulate Jean for joining CAPE's management team. We all look forward to working with him.
New Executive Director - Claude Danik
I take this opportunity to announce also that Claude Danik will be the Association's new Executive Director. Further to his nomination and a determination of his functions, I have decided to assign to him responsibility for CAPE's communication and research functions. In addition, Claude will assume final responsibility for our labour relations function. Thus, the position of Director of Labour Relations will report directly to the Executive Director.
Claude Danik joined the Association in 1994 as a Labour Relations Officer and until February 6, 2006, was the Director of the Professional Services, also carrying out many other functions including those listed under paragraph 1 above. Claude's extensive knowledge and experience in labour relations and as a negotiator, are definitely a great asset to this new position.
I have no doubt that he will bring into this new position, as he has done in the past, his dedication, commitment and hard work that will serve our members well. I am very proud that he accepted this position and I look forward to working closely with him.
Congratulations, Claude, on behalf of all members.
Finance Officer Assistant
Given the increasing work load relating to CAPE's finances and the increasing demands on the Finance Officer for more financial information, you also approved, as recommended by the NEC, to staff the above position. The staffing process has already commenced and I shall report the results to you when completed.
José Aggrey
CAPE President