Update on the Call for Nominations and Resolutions

September 10, 2008 This year all positions on the National Executive Committee were up for election. The National Executive Committee is comprised of the following: President, EC/LoP Vice-President, TR Vice-President, two (2) TR Directors, one (1) LoP Director and eleven (11) EC Directors. All of the positions have a three-year term of office, which commences on January 1, 2009.
The official call for nominations and for resolutions was issued on May 31, 2008. The Elections Committee met on September 4, 2008, in order to review the nomination forms and resolutions which were submitted in accordance with the deadline, which was September 1, 2008.
Four individuals were nominated for the position of President.
Running for the position are:
José Aggrey, Ghislain Dussault, Claude Poirier, Clayton Therrien.
EC/LoP Vice-President
Two individuals were nominated for the position of EC/LoP Vice-President.
Running for the position are:
Maria Mascaro and Michael Zinck.
TR Vice-President
One individual was nominated.
Lionel Perrin has been acclaimed.
TR Directors
One individual was nominated.
André Picotte has been acclaimed.
One position is vacant.
LoP Director
No nominations were received. The position is vacant.
EC Directors
Five individuals were nominated to the position of EC Director.
Bonnie Gauvin, John Horvath, Carl Lakaski, Robert McVicar and Stan Spak are acclaimed to the positions.
Six (6) positions are vacant.
No resolutions were submitted.
Voting packages
Voting packages are expected to be mailed to the membership by mid-November.