Treasury Board Survey of Employees

May 01, 1999

While it may not take a genius to comprehend the state of federal government employee morale, give Treasury Board credit for attempting to plumb the depths of a very troubled and anxious public service. SSEA members and all government employees may soon expect to receive a questionnaire which surveys the morale of government employees. The expected launch is set near the end of May. The survey, designed by Statistics Canada, will afford employees an opportunity to express their viewpoints in a manner which affords them complete anonymity and confidentiality. "Your Association strongly encourages you to tell it like it is," commented President Bill Krause.

"This survey will give all employees an opportunity to relate their workplace experience, frustrations and anxiety resulting from nearsighted employer policies over the last decade. Workers across the public service have seen major pay freezes, the suspension of rights to arbitration, back to work legislation threats, retaliation for not agreeing with employer policies on Work Force Adjustment, reneging on pay equity promises, and an attempt to legitimatize the theft of the pension surplus. The possibility, however remote, of pay freezes following the implementation of the new Universal Classification Standard can only add to employee anxiety. The single question the survey cannot answer is the willingness of the government to listen to its employees and take the necessary actions to reestablish a trusting and caring environment which respects employees and their representatives," added Krause.