The Public Service Health Care Plan – An Agreement Has Been Reached

March 13, 2006 The National Joint Council announced today that an agreement on the Public Service Health Care Plan (PSHCP) has been reached between representatives of the bargaining agents of the National Joint Council, the Federal Superannuates National Association and the Treasury Board Secretariat.
The agreement is the product of a collaborative process that began in 2004. The terms of the new five-year agreement will improve benefits and ensure that the PSHCP continues on a sound financial foundation for the future. The new terms of the PSHCP will come into effect April 1, 2006 and will mark the first major changes in benefits under the Plan in over a decade.
While the negotiations for the major aspects of the Public Service Health Care Plan have been completed, CAPE President José Aggrey and Canadian Merchant Service Guild (CMSG) President Larry Dempsey were selected by their peers to represent the Bargaining Agent Side on a Pre-Partners Committee to address any remaining issues related to the PSHCP negotiations.
“This has been a wonderful opportunity for me to collaborate with my colleagues in the negotiations leading to the successful results. I am proud of CAPE’s contribution to this process, and am pleased with the results. The Public Service Health Care Plan is a vital program that provides benefits to all of our members and their dependants,” said CAPE President José Aggrey.
Public Service Health Care Plan Trust Bulletin: Important Changes to the PSHCP
The Press Release issued by the National Joint Council regarding the newly negotiated PSHCP can be viewed here:
March 13 2006 Press Release