The Integrity of the CAPE Dues Increase Voting Process

June 13, 2012

Several issues relating to the integrity of the ongoing dues increase voting process have been raised by CAPE members, including the issue of members being able to cast multiple ballots. InSite, the third party company in charge of the voting process, has assured us that only the first ballot cast by registered members will be counted. If a member has voted more than once on this issue, all votes cast by the member, save the first vote, will be discarded. The issue has been addressed as of this morning, and members are now restricted to one vote and one vote only.

Following the closing of the voting period, at 4 p.m. EST on June 28th, InSite will be providing CAPE with a written sworn statement confirming the integrity of the entire voting process, and certifying that only the first vote of registered CAPE members was counted.

Jean Ouellette
Executive Director of Operations