The First Annual General Meeting of CAPE will be rescheduled from November 27, 2003 to sometime in the new year

October 30, 2003

The first Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Association of Professional Employees (CAPE) will be rescheduled from November 27th 2003, to sometime in the new year.

The CAPE National Executive passed a resolution at their most recent meeting, postponing the Annual General Meeting, which had originally been scheduled for November 27th.

“Given the move, the consolidation of the two respective national offices, budgetary preparations, which at this time are ongoing, and other activities, there is no way we could have adequately prepared ourselves for a meeting of the general membership before the transfer of the offices to the new location. We have opted to delay the AGM in order to continue to provide our members with the professional service they expect from us,” said Association President Bill Krause.

The postponement is a direct result of the merger, and the myriad details that have arisen from the joining of the Social Science Employees Association (SSEA) and the Canadian Union of Professional and Technical Employees (CUPTE). The CAPE National Executive decided that it would be in the best interest of the membership, and the national office staff, to avoid creating a scenario in which we were planning a meeting of the membership, and coordinating a major move of facilities, at the same time. The possibility that one or the other, or both, would suffer in light of spreading our resources too thin, was the primary consideration in this decision.

This change in schedule was not, however, undertaken lightly. Constitutional obligations were examined by our legal counsel, who advised the National Executive that while an Annual General Meeting may be rescheduled from the normal month of November, they are under an absolute obligation to hold such a meeting prior to the end of April, 2004 – which would mark the one year anniversary of the birth of CAPE.