The Census and Minister Clement

July 08, 2010

CAPE is growing increasingly concerned with the basis on which Conservative government decisions are being made. Earlier in the year, CAPE demonstrated that arguments used by the Conservative government to attack public service pensions were spurious and based on pseudo science. Now Minister Clement, on behalf of his colleagues in government, seems to be interfering in the work of Statistics Canada. As a result, many observers have expressed the view that the scientific reliability of one of Canada’s most internationally renowned and praised institutions is being undermined. Is the government seriously considering the methodological issues that must be addressed? Does Minister Clements understand that a weakening of the reliability and integrity of information available to Canadians does not serve Canadians? That it does not serve vulnerable Canadians who rely on policies and programs to get through the day; it does not serve Canadian businesses that try to make a living; it does not serve Canadian scientists who try to provide intelligent and informed analysis?

CAPE adds its voice to that of Ivan Felligi, the Canadian Association of Business Economists, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, the Atlantic Provinces Economic Council, the Canadian Economics Association, and the Canadian Council on Social Development to express grave concern. The Association will be consulting its members and will be taking action accordingly.