Summary of Discussion - Annual General Meeting

June 16, 2004

Summary of Discussion

Annual General Meeting
April 22, 2004
Delta Hotel
Ottawa, Ontario
5:30 p.m.

Chairperson - Mr. José Aggrey, EC/LoP Vice-President

The meeting commenced with opening remarks including a message from the President, Bill Krause, that due to a death in his family, he was unable to attend the AGM. The National Executive Committee members and staff of the National Office were introduced.

José Aggrey reminded the assembly that according to the Constitution our AGM is not a decision making forum. That it is for the purpose of discussion and information.

Approval of agenda

J. Aggrey requested that the agenda be amended to move Bargaining Updates to item #3 and renumber the remaining items accordingly.

It was moved by Pierre Felix, seconded by Clayton Therrieault, that the agenda be approved, as amended. Carried.

Bargaining Updates

Claude Danik, Director of Professional Services provided the members with updates and the current status of negotiations. Mr Danik informed members to visit the CAPE web site for details and periodic updates on the negotiations.

A question and answer period took place.


There were several issues raised on wording and certain rights of the membership in the proposed By-laws.

Mr. J. Aggrey mentioned that the By-laws Committee had a specific deadline, 90 days, according to the Constitution, to prepare By-Laws for the Association. He explained to the assembly that the By-laws are a living document of the Association and that any Regular, or Pending member, or Local, may propose a By-Law or an amendment to the By-laws by submitting it to the National Executive Committee for consideration and adoption. Please refer to Article 16 of CAPE Constitution for By-Laws for details on the process.

Constitutional Amendments

There were no matters arising.

Financial Matters


There were questions raised on the process of how the Association decides on where to place investments and of withdrawing investments. J. Aggrey said the process will be reviewed by the Finance Committee in consultation with the Associations’s Financial Advisor with the objective of establishing clear and transparent policies.


There were concerns raised on the process of how the Local Leadership would to be consulted with in advance of preparing the budget. José indicated that as Chair of the Finance Committee he has introduced a process of consultation with the Local Leadership (Ref. Art. 21.5, of CAPE Constitution) for input to the budget preparation.


There were questions raised on the matter of a dues increase. J. Aggrey suggested that one approach to address issue of dues increase is to establish a sub-committee to make recommendations to the NEC which would then be brought to the next AGM for members’ vote. The sub-committee would be mandated to:

look at the quantum of the increase;

look at how the increase is to be levied, – a one time payment or spread over many years;

provide a rationale for their recommendations, given the fact that we need an increase to reduce the structural deficit, in the short term, and an increase that will allow for our capacity to increase staff and to plan for contingencies.

Other issues

An open forum discussion took place with a number of issues raised including the following:

What is the direction in which the Association foresees for the future

What is the cost per member for representation services

Setup an electronic communication system for the membership

Comments and concerns raised at meetings should be dealt with or acted upon.

The timing of the vote on the by-laws during an election period.

It was suggested that the Association develop a strategic plan before developing the budget.