Successful Conclusion to Public Service Health Care Plan Negotiations in Sight

August 03, 2005 After lengthy and sometimes very difficult bargaining, the three parties to the negotiation of a new Public Service Health Care Plan are close to reaching a tentative agreement.
The negotiations have been undertaken by representatives of the NJC Bargaining Side, the Federal Superannuates National Association, and NJC Employer Side.
While the details have yet to be finalized and publicized, the parties are confident that once everything has been set to paper, agreement will be unanimous.
It has been a successful experience of union collaboration at the table, with bargaining agent representatives from various unions and the FSNA working to improve the plan for active and retired public service employees. José Aggrey, President of CAPE, participated in the negotiations and wishes to thank his colleagues, in particular Paul Morse, Business Manager of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, as well as Jean-Guy Soulière, Executive Director of the Federal Superannuates National Association.