SSEA and CUPTE one step closer to forming a new union

January 07, 2003

SSEA and CUPTE one step closer to forming a new union

A Constitutional Amendment giving the Association the authority to merge with other professional bargaining units of unions passed by a majority of 79%. The amendment further gives the Executive Committee authority to admit new professional bargaining units into the Association when they number less than 1,000. Larger bargaining units would require a vote of the general membership.

“I’m delighted that the membership has approved this amendment and demonstrated trust in its Executive Committee. While much work remains, this is an important step in forming a new union with our partners in CUPTE,” said Association President Bill Krause.

In November 2002, members received a referendum seeking their endorsement for a constitutional change which would give the Association the authority to merge with other unions or bargaining units representing professional employees. The Amendment gave the Executive Committee the authority to admit units with less than 1,000 members, and required the general membership to approve mergers with any larger organizations. A Special General Meeting was held on December 19th, at which members commented on the proposed amendments.

As a result of this strong vote in favour of the constitutional amendments, we will be preparing a referendum relating to the proposed merger with CUPTE, which will be forwarded to the membership In February, 2003. This referendum will be accompanied by additional information that will allow the membership to make an informed decision in this regard, including a copy of the newly revised constitution, a proposed organizational structure, and information regarding the budgetary and financial aspects of the merger.

The final vote details:

In favour of constitutional amendments = 752

Opposed to constitutional amendments = 188

Spoiled ballots = 14

Total votes cast = 954