Special General Meeting Regarding the Recommended Dues Increase: Members' Solidarity Strengthens

June 01, 2005

The Special General Meeting held on June 1 served to confirm that the recommended dues increase does have the support of many CAPE members.

The vast majority of members in attendance expressed their support for the dues increase. While the meeting was not as well attended as was expected, given the importance of the Agenda - (Ensuring our Future - the Recommended Dues Increase) , the National Executive Committee was quite pleased with the members who openly declared that they had voted "Yes" for the dues increase.

"At the meeting, we heard some statements that were extremely encouraging. They lead me to believe that the more information we give to our members and the more we explain the reasons for the dues increase, transparently and unambiguously, the more they are likely to vote "Yes", said José Aggrey, CAPE President.

The Local Leadership has worked tirelessly to disseminate information regarding the issue, and continues to demonstrate their commitment to CAPE, by organizing meetings, responding to members questions, and addressing their concerns.

The National Office has begun receiving vast numbers of ballots, and the voting will continue until June 27th, at which point the tally will be taken. In the meantime, your Local Leadership and National Executive Committee continue to encourage CAPE members to vote "Yes" for the dues increase.

If you still have questions, or require additional information, please contact your National Executive Committee members, or your Local Leaders.