Results of 2011 Vote

December 01, 2011

This year members were asked to vote on a number of changes to the CAPE Constitution and By-Laws, as well as a Resolution regarding the Public Service Health Care Plan as well as on the Financial Statements. Members were also asked to vote on the CAPE Audited Financial Statements, the appointment of a CAPE Auditor, and the CAPE 2011/2012 and 2012/2013 budgets. In addition, members were asked to vote on an additional Emergency Financial Ballot. All background and informational materials relating to the ballots can be found on the CAPE website at

With a response rate of almost 20 % the members demonstrated a strong interest in this year’s ballots, and the results were all in favour;

By-Law Amendment #10 – 93% in favour

By-Law Amendment #12 – 96% in favour

By-Law Amendment #13 – 92% in favour

By-Law Amendment #14 – 93% in favour

Constitutional Amendment #11 – 93% in favour

Constitutional Amendment #15 – 91% in favour

Approval of Audited Statements – 97%

Acceptance of the Executive’s recommendation that the firm of Thomas Foran C.A. be the Association’s auditor for the fiscal year ending 2012 – 96% in favour

Approval of CAPE 2011/2012 2012/2013 Budget – 92% in favour

Approval of Exceptional Financial Ballot – 79% in favour

Approval of PSHCP Resolution – 90% in favour

As noted previously, the electronic voting process was used the first time by CAPE in this year’s voting process, and was a resounding success. “The process was almost flawless, and the members have been extraordinarily supportive of this electronic initiative,” said CAPE President Claude Poirier, “The increased results have strongly justified the growing pains, and I would like to thank all of the members who have contributed to this year’s voting successes.”