Reclassification Freeze Lifted – A Month Earlier than Anticipated

March 03, 2004

The Public Service Human Resources Management Agency will assume responsibility for overseeing regular government-wide reviews. In the hopes of achieving transparency, departments will be obligated to post reclassification information on their websites, every three months. Under the new reclassification monitoring policy, departments will also be responsible for providing yearly reports.

“The lifting of the reclassification freeze demonstrates our commitment to public service employees and our support of the invaluable work they do every day to help Canadians,” said Reg Alcock, President of the Treasury board.

“The whole exercise was needless. I congratulate the Treasury Board on lifting the ban, a month early. However, it was lifted two months too late.,” said CAPE President Bill Krause.

“Treasury Board itself can assume responsibility for any abuse of reclassification – we’ve seen more than abundant evidence of what happens when inadequate accountability is partnered with inadequate resources and monitoring.

“If this freeze was not insulting enough, and the implicit suggestion that public service employees are ratcheting up their salaries with no justification, our EC members recently received a pay offer of 1.75%, 1.25% and 1.25% in each year of a 3 year agreement. These same members are constantly called upon to work unpaid overtime – often fearful on the consequences of exercising their right to paid overtime. .. The impact of the reclassification ban on our membership was laughable, in light of these other considerations,”

According to Treasury Board, the freeze on reclassification announced December 16, 2003 was put in place for the purpose of facilitating “a review of the current situation during the transition period” (while the new Martin government adjusted to office). According to the President of the Queen’s Privy Council, Denis Coderre,“With the lifting of the freeze, a new framework based on accountability, increased transparency and policy adherence will be implemented."

“On a positive note, we welcome any measures which make the reclassification process transparent and accountable. Many of our members have been concerned over their lack of access to promotions created by reclassification abuses,” concluded CAPE President Bill Krause.