Program Cuts - A CAPE Update

November 01, 2006

Following the recent announcement by the government of program cuts in the federal public service, CAPE has been monitoring the situation as it concerns its impact on our members. CAPE representatives have been in consultation with different departments and agencies affected by the program cuts.

As of this date, we are only aware of eleven ES positions being abolished at Health Canada and the Law Commission of Canada. The members occupying these positions will be treated as per the provisions of the National Joint Council’s Workforce Adjustment Directive. It is our understanding that these members will be provided a guarantee of a reasonable job offer. Members who encounter problems regarding the application of the directive should contact CAPE as soon as possible.

One other department and one other agency have informed CAPE that the program cuts will lead to job reductions. However, management has not yet determined which positions will be abolished so we do know if CAPE members will be affected. CAPE representatives will continue to actively monitor the situation and we will keep you updated as required.