Press Release - Provide Public Service Employees with Protection: Proclaim Bill C-11 First

May 11, 2006

For immediate release

Ottawa, May 11, 2006 - Federal unions have come together to urge Parliament to proclaim Bill C-11, Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act, (Chapter 46, Statutes of Canada 2005) before resuming with its examination of Bill C-2, Federal Accountability Act.

The unions have endorsed Bloc Québécois MP Benoît Sauvageau's motion to proclaim Bill C-11. This motion will be debated and voted on at the Legislative Committee on Bill C 2 on Tuesday, May 9.

The unions agree that Bill C-11 must be proclaimed before proceeding with the Federal Accountability Act. As long as it is not proclaimed, it will not be in force and employees who disclose wrongdoing will get no protection. An effective whistleblowing regime will permit employees who witness wrongdoing to make disclosures in good faith without fear of reprisal. Bill C-11, as unanimously passed by Parliament in November 2005, offers those protections.

The unions recognize that Bill C-11 is not perfect. We look forward to addressing the amendments proposed in the Federal Accountability Act to strengthen Bill C-11 but first, the bill must be proclaimed. Public service employees have been waiting for far too long. We would not want the Federal Accountability Act to be used as an excuse not to pass whistleblower legislation and provide public service employees with the protection they need now. We expect the disclosure process to be an integral part of the practice of good governance; it is no longer a question.

The unions, representing 81,549 employees, who support this motion are:

Association of Canadian Financial Officers
Canadian Association of Professional Employees
Canadian Federal Pilots Association
Canadian Merchant Sevice Guild
Coast Guard Marine Communications Officers CAW
Federal Government Dockyard Chargehands Association
Federal Government Dockyard Trades & Labour Council (East)
Federal Government Dockyard Trades & Labour Council (West)
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
Professional Association of Foreign Service Workers
Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada
Research Council Employees= Association
Union of Canadian Correctional Officers

Media Enquiries: Claude Danik, Executive Director, CAPE, 236-9181, 1-800-265-9181

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