President's Profile

Further details on the duties and authorities of this position can be found in the CAPE Constitution and By-Laws.
President’s Profile
The President is the principal spokesperson and representative of the Association. She/He directs the National Office of the Association. The President presides at all General and Executive Committee meetings. He/She interprets the Constitution of the Association and ensures that the policies, objectives and guidelines of the Executive Committee are observed. The President reports to the Executive Committee, Local Leadership, and membership on the affairs of the Association. The President is an ex-officio member of all Association committees, except for the Elections Committee.
Salary and employment conditions
The position of President is a full-time, paid position. The President, while serving the Association, is an employee of the government on leave without pay.
Pursuant to Article 32.3 of the Constitution, the Association accepts for its President the salary and benefit conditions of the former Social Science Employees Association President and notes that this includes a salary in the EX-2 range of the Executive Category in the federal Public Service. The President is paid a bilingualism bonus of $800, if applicable.
The Presidency is not paid for overtime. The incumbent may expect to work up to 20 days of overtime in a fiscal year. At the discretion of the Executive Committee, the President may receive 5 days of additional annual leave in recognition of all overtime worked in a fiscal year.