Notice to Mildly Handicapped Statistics Canada Employees

November 05, 2010 Several Statistics Canada employees working at Tunney's Pasture have received a notice stating that they had three days to indicate whether or not they intended to keep their parking space, which is reserved for mildly handicapped people or those benefiting from compassionate measures. These employees were also informed that monthly fees for reserved parking spaces will increase by $100.
CAPE believes that Statistics Canada's decision to double the monthly parking fee for employees who require a reserved parking space because of their mild handicap could be discriminatory. We fully intend to dispute this decision and invite Statistics Canada employees to file a grievance.
All employees with a mild handicap or benefiting from compassionate measures who intend to dispute Statistics Canada's decision and file a grievance must contact Bertrand Myre, Labour Relations Officer in charge of Statistics Canada, by November 10, 2010, at the following email address: