Message from the President

January 05, 2009 Dear Colleagues:
At the beginning this New Year, 2009, I wish you health, happiness and prosperity.
We are starting an important phase in the life of our Association. The year 2008 closed with an abrupt end to the bargaining process at two of our bargaining tables. Essentially, the employer tabled what they called a “final offer”, just as they did with the other bargaining agents at the table - one that sets our working conditions. You will be asked to vote on the employer’s offer later this month, after the Harper Government tables its budget.
Unfortunately, this offer includes no monetary compensation relating to the conversion of the EC group. As a result, this matter will be a top priority for us in the weeks and/or months to come. We will try to convince Treasury Board that it is sending a very bad message to its employees. With this in mind, we will make political parties and the media aware of our demands and meet with other unions who have been subjected to the same treatment, or are at risk of being placed in the same predicament.
We will also focus on other matters - the resumption of more constructive work at the National Executive Committee level, the many positions to be filled within the NEC, CAPE’s office space needs analysis, the reform of CAPE’s Constitution, the five-year review of the Public Service Employment Act, our Charter challenge, the follow-up to the pension appeal, the TR complaint filed with the Canadian Human Rights Commission… a full slate of concerns that will keep your representatives quite busy in the months ahead.
I look forward to communicating with you soon.
Claude Poirier