Memo To: CAPE MembershipFrom: José Aggrey, President

November 14, 2007

Memo To: CAPE Membership

From: José Aggrey, President

Special event at this year’s AGM.

One of the ideas proposed by the Special Governance Review Committee to increase the participation of members in the Association’s AGM is to make the AGM more meaningful and interesting, for example, by having presentations on topics of interest to members.

Accordingly, this year for the first time, the Association has invited Mr. John Fryer, an internationally respected and former union leader, a University Professor, an authority on labor relations and human resources issues, and also the author of the Fryer’s Report to speak on the Future of Bargaining Agents in the Federal Public Service. Mr. Fryer will be joined by Mr. Milt Isaac, President of the Association of Canadian Financial Officers and Mr. Patrick Jetté, President of the Association of Justice Council, in what promises to be a lively and exciting panel discussion.