Memo re: Proposed Dues Increase and Ballot

October 24, 2005 Memo To: CAPE Local Leadership
From : José Aggrey, President
As you may be aware, this year’s CAPE Annual General Meeting (AGM) is scheduled for Wednesday, November 30, 2005. The package containing the materials for the AGM will be mailed to all members very shortly: In advance of this, we would appreciate your assistance in informing your local members before they receive their AGM packages to pay particular attention to the following item:
Proposed Dues Increase and Ballot

Your National Executive Committee deems it urgent that we address the current financial situation so as to ensure the survival of the Association. It is therefore proposing a reasonable monthly dues increase of $12, far less than the one proposed in June. The National Executive Committee is calling on you to support this proposal and to encourage all your members to vote YES to the dues increase.
Both the Finance Committee and the National Executive Committee have worked hard over the past 10 months to ensure that CAPE can continue to provide the services that it is required to provide to its members, within fiscally responsible limits. The result is the proposed budget and the $12 dues increase.
If members vote NO to the increase, it will be necessary to proceed with any one of several options, all of which would result in the dissolution of CAPE.
It must be clear to members that they are voting on the survival of their organization. While no organization is perfect, I can say without hesitation that your organization provides service second to none, in the most efficient and fiscally responsible way.
I thank you for your solidarity and active support on this most important matter.