It’s Official - The PSSRB Recognizes CAPE as a public service bargaining agent

October 16, 2003 On October 10th, the Public Service Staff Relations Board (PSSRB) issued a decision recognizing the Canadian Association of Professional Employees as the successor to The Canadian Union of Professional and Technical Employees (CUPTE) and the Social Science Employees Association (SSEA).
“On behalf of CAPE and its members I would like to say how pleased we are with the PSSRB decision. This is another significant step in becoming a new union, with much work ahead,” said Association President Bill Krause.
We have now received the recognition of the PSSRB and will receive our new bargaining agent certificate shortly.
After receiving notice of our intention to merge CUPTE and SSEA in June, 2003, The PSSRB undertook a review of the history of the two organizations, and an examination of the processes by which the two respective memberships reached the decision to merge. Standard practice in circumstances such as this is for the PSSRB to conduct an examination of the merger process, to ensure that members, having voted in favour of such a merger, did so after having been made fully aware of all necessary information, and after having been given the opportunity to explore the merger issues with elected or paid representatives of SSEA and CUPTE.
In concluding their investigation the PSSRB found that both organizations fulfilled their obligations of full disclosure to their respective members, and recognizes that CAPE has shown that a majority vote of employees in the respective organizations supports the merger, that SSEA and CUPTE have merged, and that CAPE is an employee organization.