Final Offers Tabled with Bargaining Agents

November 20, 2008

The President of Treasury Board communicated to all bargaining agents a final offer for each and every bargaining table on Tuesday, November 18. CAPE received offers for both the EC and TR tables. These offers are final and non-negotiable. The bargaining teams were immediately called for emergency meetings, held yesterday, November 19, to consider their options.

The speech from the throne, also yesterday, referred to special legislation regarding compensation.

CAPE’s bargaining teams are independent of each other, and will reach separate and independent decisions regarding the final offers. Their decisions will be communicated to Treasury Board early next week, following further review and examination of the offers. Should the bargaining teams choose to accept these final offers, they will be subject to ratification by the members of the respective bargaining units.

The communiqué from the President of the Treasury Board applies to the core public administration, and thus does not apply directly to our members at the Library of Parliament, who are also currently at the bargaining table.

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Statement - Final Offers Tabled with Bargaining Agents for the Core Public Administration