Filling Vacant Positions on the NEC: Serving the Best Interests of CAPE Members

March 19, 2009 Did you know that the NEC is composed of 17 positions and that, currently, eight are filled? During the Fall 2008 elections, seven were elected by acclamation—one volunteer VP position (TR group) and six volunteer Director positions (five in the EC group and one in the TR group). The individuals occupying the two other positions—one full-time paid President and one volunteer VP (EC and LoP groups)—were elected by you, the members. Since then, however, one Director who was acclaimed has resigned due to competing priorities resulting from an impending retirement.
Consequently, at its first meeting in 2009, the new NEC acted swiftly and appropriately in discussing this issue and determined that, in the interest of transparency and fairness to CAPE members, and since Constitutional amendments cannot be implemented without a costly membership vote, it would be in the best interest of CAPE members to study feasible options for both the selection criteria and process that would be in compliance with the CAPE Constitution and By-laws. We have been doing so, and plan to implement the next steps of our plan in the near future. We look forward to providing you with updates as we progress on this important matter!