Erratum – CAPE Pension Appeal Process Report

April 17, 2009

The CAPE Pension Appeal Process sub-committee indicates the following in the report posted on the CAPE web site on February 27, 2009:“The Sub-committee consulted, among others, the presidents of locals, CAPE’s legal counsel for the appeal, the former presidents of CAPE and CUPTE, the President of CAPE and staff members. It completed its deliberations, and submitted its report to the NEC on February 18, 2009.”

The statement is not entirely accurate. It was in fact written submissions from Luc Pomerleau, the former President of the TR group and not former CUPTE President, which were reviewed by the sub-committee. Mr. Pomerleau later declined an invitation to meet with the sub-committee. We apologize to the principals for any inconvenience or embarrassment stemming from the inaccuracy in the report.