Enhanced Maternity / Parental Leave Benefits

January 01, 2001 We are very pleased to announce that your employer, Treasury Board, and the Association have come to an agreement today to extend to all members enhanced parental leave benefits. Members may now have up to 35 weeks of parental leave with a salary top up of 93%. Equally important, there are transitional provisions which ensure that these improved maternity and parental leave benefits are retroactive to January 1, 2001, the date upon which the changes to the EI legislation came into effect. Members who are already on leave or who have already scheduled maternity and parental leave for children born or adopted after December 31, 2000 may request the extended benefits.
For specific information contact your departmental personnel officer or your Labour Relations Officer.
Normally such a change in benefits follows from a completed and ratified collective agreement. In this case Treasury Board and your Association's bargaining team were able to sign a memorandum of understanding while still negotiating a new collective agreement. We applaud the Board for its cooperative and well reasoned approach in this matter, which can only lead to further improvements in the bargaining climate. Bargaining talks continue and we will be meeting in the latter part of April to arrive hopefully at a new collective agreement
Finally, we will be contacting other employers such as the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency, Library of Parliament and the Canadian Tourism Commission, to make a similar arrangement.