Electronic Voting Process a Resounding Success

October 28, 2011

The new CAPE integrated e-communications system used in the ongoing voting process has reached over 8,000 CAPE members, and the response rate in the first five days of the voting period has been remarkable. Over 100% more members have submitted their electronic votes in the initial days of the voting period, than during the entire voting period in 2010. CAPE will be sending out periodic reminders to members who have not yet submitted votes, throughout the voting period.

“We are extraordinarily pleased with the results thus far,”said CAPE President Claude Poirier.“Happily, the success of this process has exceeded even our high expectations. The members asked for this, the Communications Committee worked hard for this, and the results thus far justify the efforts.”

CAPE members who have received their electronic ballots and not yet voted, are encouraged to do so. CAPE members who have not yet received their electronic ballots are encouraged to visit the CAPE website to ensure that their electronic contact information is up-to-date and accurate.