Dental Care Plan for Retired Federal Public Service Employees Will Cost Participants Between 25 and 32 Percent More

June 11, 2010 Last week the Harper government quietly announced that beginning October 1, 2010, the cost of the Dental Care Plan will increase for retired federal public service employees. These increases, anywhere from 25% to 32% depending on the number of members of the family covered by the plan, were implemented unilaterally by the federal government with no consultation with bargaining agents. In an interview with Le Droit, CAPE President noted that the federal government has now attacked the retired employees who are no longer represented by bargaining agents, are most susceptible to changes in the economy, and are more likely to suffer from health problems. In an article in Le Droit of June 10, M. Poirier is quoted as saying (translated) “Just when we though we had seen everything with the Conservatives, they attack the weakest among us…”
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