CUPTE and SSEA Union Memberships Vote for Merger

May 01, 2003 The memberships of the Canadian Union of Professional and Technical Employees (CUPTE) and the Social Science Employees Association (SSEA) each cast majority votes in favour of merging and forming a new public service union.
By a majority of 62.5%, the SSEA membership has approved a merger with CUPTE, which will see the creation of a new federal public service union. In a similar vote, the membership of CUPTE also approved of the creation of a new union, by a majority of 89.9%.
This vote culminates more than a year of work by the two unions.
According to Luc Pomerleau, CUPTE’s TR Group President, “This vote gives the leadership of both unions an unequivocal mandate to take the concrete step of creating a new union, of greater efficiency and strength, for the greater benefit of its members.”
Said SSEA President Bill Krause, “This merger presents exciting opportunities and challenges. It creates a new union, that will be well resourced and better suited to serve its professional community in a changing labour relations environment.”
Given the majority decision of both organizations, it is hoped that the complete membership of each union will now support the majority decision and dedicate themselves to making the merger of the two unions a complete success.
To complete this merger, a transitional executive and legal counsel will now meet to map out the processes involved in creating this new union. The unions will soon approach the Public Service Staff Relations Board in order to transfer certificates to the name of the new union, the Canadian Association of Professional Employees.