CAPE Task Force on Dues

March 16, 2005

Following from the Local Leadership meeting on February 21, 2005, the National Executive Committee (NEC) established a Task Force on Dues composed of the Finance Committee members, some NEC members, members of the local leadership and representatives of all bargaining units.

The NEC mandated the Task Force on Dues to review information and provide a recommendation to the NEC on the level of dues increase necessary to:

i. eliminate the deficit as quickly as possible;

ii. meet the annual operating expenses; and

iii. build sufficient contingency reserve funds (members’ equity) for emergencies.

The Task Force is expected to report to the NEC by March 31, 2005 with a recommendation on the level of dues increase and a draft communication and resolution package. It has already met twice and its work is ongoing.

To learn more about the responsibilities of the CAPE Task Force on Dues, please review their Terms of Reference.