CAPE Task Force on Dues- Terms of Reference

March 16, 2005


Discussions on the Association=s financial situation has been on going soon after the creation of CAPE. The focus of these discussions has been and continues to be that the Association is unable to carry on its mandate to service its members without incurring additional operational deficit that would lead eventually to a negative balance to its accumulated surplus. The National Executive Committee (NEC) is keenly aware of its responsibility to put the Association=s house in order. The NEC has therefore taken steps to inform the Local Leadership at various meetings in 2004, and the general membership at both the Spring and Fall AGMs of 2004 of the financial situation.

The NEC held a meeting of the Local Leadership on Monday, February 21, 2005 to seek their advice on two key questions: do we wind down CAPE=s operation, or do we increase our current dues sufficiently to eliminate the deficit and provide a reasonable level of reserves as contingency for an anticipated eventuality? The message from the overwhelming majority at the meeting was clearly to keep CAPE and to raise its dues.


To review information and provide a recommendation to the NEC on the level of dues increase necessary to first, eliminate the deficit as quickly as possible, and second, meet the annual operating expenses and build sufficient contingency reserve funds to cover the annual operating budget.

The Task Force will also be responsible for developing communications strategy.


Will be composed of the Finance Committee members, plus interested NEC members, and local leaders. Membership should strive to ensure that all regions are represented and that all bargaining units are well represented.


As required to meet the mandate.


To report to the NEC by March 31, 2005 with draft communication package and resolution.