CAPE Task Force on Dues, Minutes of March 10, 2005

March 21, 2005 PRESENT:
J. Aggrey
M. Dewing
T. Furmanczyk
L. Gervais
A. Gordon
B. McVicar
M. Monaghan
J. Mrenica
R. Oslund
A. Picotte
P. Rosen
S. Spak
C. Danik
S. Wensink (staff)
D. Brackley
E. Garmaise
K. Kostenbauer
C. Poirier
P. Sampson
C. Therrien
K. Twun-Antwi
M. Zinck
The meeting commenced at 5:45.
Members were asked to introduce themselves.
1.Confirmation of a Committee Chair
It was moved by B. McVicar and seconded by A. Gordon that M. Monaghan be chair. Carried.
It was moved by J. Mrenica and seconded by T. Furmanczyk, that the Proposed Framework prepared by J. Mrenica be included as Item #2 on the Agenda. Carried.
2.Proposed Framework
J. Mrenica explained the document provided.
It was moved by J. Mrenica and seconded by L. Gervais that the Proposed Framework document be used as a guidepost to the discussions. Carried.
3.Review of Historical Data
It was moved by J. Mrenica and seconded by T. Furmanczyk that M. Monaghan step down as Chair for this particular agenda item.
Opposed = 7; In favour = 2; Abstained = 1 Defeated.
The historical data were reviewed and explanations were requested for the changes in the following categories:
- Meetings & Negotiation
- Professional fees
- Rent
- Salaries and benefits
- Staff development
- Dues income (include Other income)
4.Discussion on dues increase
It was agreed that S. Wensink would contact the auditor to inquire as to what a comparable, reasonable contingency fund might be.
Think of a 10% increase in costs to reflect contingencies/risks. This could cover inflation, services, etc.
Think of the possible reduction in membership.
Consider reviewing dues periodically.
Circulate to Task Force members A Needs Analysis document provided to the Executive at their January 26, 2005 meeting.
5.Confirmation of next meeting
It was agreed that meetings are to be held on March 17 and March 23 at 5:45.
It was moved by T. Furmanczyk, seconded by J. Mrenica, that the meeting be adjourned. Carried.
The meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m..