May 05, 2005 To be an effective union, CAPE relies to a large extent on the commitment and dedication of its many volunteers, who dedicate much time and energy to your Association and its members.
Your Local Leadership consists of volunteers who assist in the representation, guidance and education of the union membership. They are committed to providing a critical link between the membership and the employer, and the membership and the National Office, giving freely of their time.
The National Executive Committee is also made up of unpaid volunteers, with the exception of the full-time President. These people contribute untold hours to the operation and management of your Association.
The Committees that provide guidance and advice to the National Executive Committee are also comprised of volunteers -
The Finance Committee,
The EC Collective Bargaining Committee,
The TR Collective Bargaining Committee,
The Library of Parliament Collective Bargaining Committee,
The EC Negotiating Team,
The TR Negotiation Committee (Financial Incentives Plan,
The Communications Committee,
The Constitution and By-Laws Committee,
The Elections Committee, The CAPE Task Force on Dues
- all are run by volunteers. These people share their time, knowledge and experience, and make up the entity that is CAPE.
Simply put, without these people, the Association could not operate as an effective bargaining agent. In the wake of volunteer week, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all those who give generously of their time, skills and energy.
You are what makes CAPE great!
Thank you,
José Aggrey,