CAPE Pension Mobilization Update

February 05, 2010 As CAPE President Claude Poirier reported in his message of January 28, 18 public service unions met in late January at CAPE’s national office, to develop a common front in the face of possible attacks on the public service by the Harper government.
CAPE’s National Executive has taken its own members’ concerns into hand, and has issued a call for volunteers to the Local Leadership and the NEC for participation on the newly conceived CAPE Mobilization Committee. (The Committee has yet to be formalized, and its mandate and composition will be confirmed by the National Executive Committee.)
The Committee will nevertheless be meeting next week and the following week to begin development of strategies and actions that CAPE will take in the event that next month’s budget does negatively impact on public service employees – more specifically, public service employees’ pensions. This Committee is comprised of union activists who are determined, and committed to protecting the rights of CAPE members, and all public service employees.
In addition, a meeting of the President’s Council has been scheduled for February 23, in order to allow an exchange of information and concerns, and to better align the Association with the concerns of the membership at large. Also, CAPE’s President Claude Poirier and CAPE’s LRO Claude Archambault will be attending a meeting of the Pension Advisory Committee sometime in March (date to be confirmed).
The CAPE national office has begun to reorganize its resources in order to provide all possible support and resources for any and all actions deemed appropriate by the Mobilization Committee and the President.