CAPE National Offices are Moving

November 18, 2003 Memorandum
November 18, 2003
To: CAPE Membership
Subject: CAPE National Office Move
From: Bill Krause President
As you may be aware, the CAPE National Offices will be moving to a new location, effective December 1, 2003.
For your records, our new location will be:
100 Queen Street
World Exchange Plaza
4th Floor
Ottawa, Ontario
K1P 1J9
Our website, currently nearing completion of construction, can be found at
Our principal telephone number will be 613-236-9181, although any calls directed to 613-230-4747 will be rerouted directly to the principal line. Our toll free number will be 1-800-265-9181.
All e-mail addresses for members of the national office staff will be constructed as follows: first initial, family name, For example, my e-mail address will be (all e-mails directed to the old addresses will be forwarded to the recipient for a number of months, to avoid any unnecessary breaches in communication).
In addition, some temporary minor communications inconveniences will arise.
On Thursday November 27th, at approximately 12:00 noon, all e-mail and telephone communications will be severed, while the services are transferred to the new location. These services will resume on Monday, December 1, 2003, from our new location.
As a result of the disruptions arising from the relocation of the current National Offices, the Professional Services Division, including Labour Relations Officers, the Research Officer and Assistant, and the Classification Coordinator, will be working from remote locations for the week of November 24th to November 28th. They will, however, be accessible up until November 27th, at which point, as previously noted, all e-mail and telephone communications will be interrupted to allow for the transfer of services.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and look forward to seeing you at our new offices.