CAPE National Executive Fills Vacant Positions

March 10, 2005

Following the most recent CAPE elections, the CAPE National Executive put out a call to members in order to fill 1 vacant EC Director's position, and 1 vacant TR Director's position. Several qualified members expressed an interest in each of these positions.

The National Executive reviewed the biographies of each candidate and at its meeting on February 24, 2005, by a secret ballot, has appointed:

Marcy Holyk to the position of EC Director; and

Carol Card to the position of TR Director.

"It is my pleasure to welcome Carol and Marcelene aboard. Given the impressive level of qualifications presented by those who expressed their interest, it is clear that a significant pool of resources remains to be tapped within our membership. Hopefully those that were not selected will share their interests and talents in other arenas within the union."

CAPE President José Aggrey