CAPE National Executive Committee Adopts Motion to Mobilize the Membership to Protect Pensions

January 29, 2010 At its January 27 meeting, the members of the National Executive Committee adopted a motion in principle, which was submitted by members of Local 514 – Human Resources and Skills Development, National Capital Region. This motion engages CAPE in a campaign to mobilize its members concerning the Harper government’s anticipated attack on the pubic service and more specifically the pension plan of its members.
“The falsehoods carried in a recent so-called independent study by a right-leaning institute can not go unchallenged and serve as a platform to reduce the benefits of our members,” said CAPE President Claude Poirier. “A mobilization committee will be established to inform our members on the issues and set the record straight, to help members organize and to provide leadership to channel the overwhelming opposition that our members have expressed recently regarding the pension plan issue. The message from our members is unequivocal,” said Mr. Poirier.
The motion, adopted in principle last night, provides a framework for the Association to undertake a visible, voluble and aggressive stance against any attack aimed at the Public Service Pension Plan.
January 27, 2010 CAPE National Executive Committee Pension Motion