CAPE Mobilization Committee

February 20, 2010 CAPE’s mobilization Committee met on Wednesday, February 17, to further clarify and define the Mobilization Action Plan. Printed materials for distribution to the membership will be prepared in the coming days, and CAPE will be producing other tools to enhance our visibility and get our message out to the public that any attack on our pensions in order to cut the deficit is completely unacceptable.
It was universally agreed that the issue is not whether public service employees’ pensions are too rich – but that other pension plans are not generous enough.
Here are some elements of the proposed Action Plan:
National Level:
* preparation of written materials
* circulation of petition (i.e., petition of PSAC and PIPSC )
* sticker campaign
* education activities for local leaders
* support to local level mobilization and education
* analysis of C.D. Howe Report (link)
* support of CAPE mobilization committee
* explore opportunities for collaboration and mobilization with other public sector unions, e.g., petition, information night with speakers, joint education sessions, rallies
Local Level:
* circulation of materials, including petition
* local events and activities involving members for example, organization of brown bag lunch and learn education sessions, leafleting
* joint information tables with other unions
Key Dates:
February 17 - First official meeting of the CAPE Mobilization Committee
February 23 - a meeting of the President’s Council is scheduled for this date
February 27 - the Local Leaders and NEC members have a all-day session on the ABC’s of the pension issue scheduled on Saturday February 27th. (See our “Events” page for details on these and other meetings as they arise. Local Leaders have already taken the initiative, and many are scheduling information meetings regarding the potential threat to public service employees’ pensions).
March 4, 2010: Budget Day
March 11, 2010: A Post-budget Special General Meeting has been tentatively scheduled – please note that the meeting will be held –the date and place need to be finalized. The impacts of the March 4th budget on CAPE members and on the federal public service will be discussed at this meeting. The Mobilization Committee will present its tentative action plan to members. An official notification of the meeting will be sent out the week of February 22 to all our members.
Members will also be provided written materials with basic arguments for posting and distribution to the membership. These will also be posted on our website which you are invited to visit regularly.