CAPE Membership Supports Proposed Amendment That Extends National Executive Committee Members’ Terms of Office to Three Years

June 18, 2007 CAPE membership voted to accept the proposed amendment to extend the National Executive Members’ mandates from two to three years. Of the members who voted 88.8% support the proposed amendment.
“The membership has communicated its wishes. I am very pleased with the results and I thank the members for supporting the amendment. The Special Government Review Committee considers this to be the cornerstone to a stronger and more member oriented governance structure,” said CAPE President José Aggrey. The amendment was proposed in order to address operational and political difficulties that have arisen as a result of a staggered two year mandate for NEC members.
With the new mandate, CAPE will avoid being constantly in election mode. It will save members money from elections related costs. This change alone will allow us to work together and will provide greater stability for CAPE to better serve the members.”
The membership will be asked to vote on further amendments to the constitution and by-laws in the fall that will enable a new governance structure for CAPE and its members, if accepted.
“I would like to thank the National Executive Committee for their vision in taking steps to move the organization forward. Similarly, I would like to thank the Governance Review Committee for their hard work that made this new mandate possible”, said CAPE President, José Aggrey.