CAPE Members’ Message to CAPE:Our Severance Pay is NOT Up for Grabs

December 07, 2010

CAPE has put out a call to it’s membership for input in the upcoming round of expedited bargaining on behalf of both the EC and TR groups. Members are strongly encouraged to provide their Collective Bargaining Committees with their suggestions, concerns and observations at the following e-mail addresses - and respectively.

To date the vast majority of members who have provided their input have made it clear that Severance Pay is not be negotiated away.

The EC Collective Bargaining Committee and the TR Collective Bargaining Committees will analyze all of the input provided by the membership, and will take their direction from the membership.

CAPE’s View of the Public Service Alliance of Canada’s Ratification of Collective Agreements

Following ratification of 3 PSAC Agreements, the Ottawa Citizen contacted CAPE’s President and, as reported “he’s concerned PSAC’s endorsement will embolden Treasury Board to force the same deal on all worker. Others say the government could punish unions that refuse to give up severance by offering no raises at all.” CAPE members have strongly expressed opposition so far to accepting the PSAC deal and have told CAPE that they would feel that they are being short-changed to trade severance on voluntary departure for the 0.75 raise.