CAPE in Solidarity with Locked-out CBC Employees

September 22, 2005

CAPE Members demonstrated their support of the locked-out CBC employees by joining the picket-line of the Canadian Media Guild members at noon hour on Spark’s Street, on September 13, 2005. CAPE President José Aggrey and other CAPE members, including some of the National Executive Members, made their support visible by their presence among the locked-out employees.

As the lockout of members of the Canadian Media Guild entered its fifth week, the Vice-President of the CBC Ottawa Local of the Guild, Dian Duthie, thanked CAPE for showing their support of the employees right from the beginning of the lock-out.

She invited CAPE President, José Aggrey, to address the locked-out employees. Mr. Aggrey has been asked to address the employees on two separate occasions.“I am extremely disappointed, as are many Canadians, that the employer has not seen fit to negotiate a fair and just settlement in the 14 months since the contract expired”, said José Aggrey.“This lockout has deprived Canadians of some of the most intelligent and enjoyable programming in the world.”

Mr. Aggrey further said that: “While some politicians have made it clear that they believe the CBC should not receive public funding, it is our belief that the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is a Canadian icon, and in order to remain that way, should continue to be publicly funded”.

José Aggrey, CAPE President