CAPE Filed Two Policy Grievances Regarding Treasury Board’s Administration of the Workforce Adjustment Directive

June 25, 2012 CAPE Labour Relations Officers and Executive Director of Policy have been gathering evidence that is the foundation of two grievances that CAPE filed against the employer on June 22.
The first of these grievances concerns the implementation of the Alternation process.
The second of these policy grievances addresses the fact that the employer is proceeding with a competitive process at HRSDC that is in violation of the letter and spirit of provisions of the WFAD.
In both instances, as in any other situation where CAPE has determined that the rights of its members have been violated or negatively impacted by the employer’s violation of the provisions of the WFAD, CAPE will be providing representation to members who wish to file an individual grievance.
“I read the June 22nd Ottawa Citizen article regarding the grievances filed by our sister unions with great interest,”said CAPE Executive Director of Policy Claude Danik,“All bargaining unit have different collective agreements, and public service unions exercise their rights to recourse provided in their respective collective agreements. It is for this reason that CAPE, PIPSC and PSAC have approached these matters individually. CAPE has established that the employer is not fulfilling its obligations as it relates to the Work Force Adjustment Directive to which neither the Alliance or Institute are party. These grievances aim to address the employer‘s position and actions on these matters. CAPE has gathered enough evidence to proceed with grievances, as clearly the employer has something to be held accountable for.”