CAPE Dues Increase Information Bulletin

April 22, 2005

Since last Fall, CAPE leadership has been concerned about the Association's financial situation, particularly its operating deficit of about $1.1 million, and has held numerous discussions to examine ways and means of putting our financial house in order.

First, the National Executive Committee concluded that a dues increase will be the best way to immediately eliminate the deficit and provide the required resources to operate the Association annually. The increase will also help the Association build a reasonable members' equity.

Your Local Leadership supports the National Executive Committee's proaction.

Second, the National Executive Committee sees an expenditure review of the Association's operations as necessary to ensure fiscal prudence and responsibility, and has set in motion an immediate expenditure review. In addition, it has put in place a process to develop a constitutional provision for regular expenditure review. This complementary process will enable the Association to redirect resources to where it is needed most.

To embark on the proposed dues increase exercise, your National Executive Committee has been engaged in the development of a resolution which will be submitted to the membership for a vote in June, 2005.

The National Executive Committee will make every effort to keep the membership informed and involved in discussions and debates surrounding this topic. Informational documents are currently being prepared, and will be posted on the CAPE Website, and will be provided to the entire membership in a later mailing. A "Q and A" will be posted on the Website in the very near future.

In addition, a series of meetings is being scheduled, both in the National Capital Region, and in various Regional areas, to which you will be invited. You are encouraged to attend these meetings, to put your questions and concerns to your Local Leaders and members of your National Executive Committee.

These meetings will be scheduled at various points in time, commencing the last week of April and ending the last week of May, 2005.

As the arrangements for these meetings become finalized, we will be posting the information on our Website, at "Upcoming Events". In addition, we will be advising your Local Leadership, and enlisting their assistance in communicating the dates, times and locations of these meetings. Regional members will also be advised of upcoming meetings by mail.

Be sure to check the CAPE Website and your bulletin boards regularly, to ensure that you do not miss the opportunity to have your voice heard on this issue.