CAPE Collective Bargaining TeamsDecline Invitations to Expedited Bargaining

December 15, 2010

The CAPE EC Collective Bargaining Committee met on December 8th and the CAPE TR Collective Bargaining Committees met on December 9th to consider the employer's invitation to return to the table early, and to review the input from members of the respective bargaining teams in this regard.

The EC Bargaining Committee and the TR Bargaining Committee decided separately to decline participating in negotiations with Treasury Board in January.

The deciding factor that guided the bargaining committees was the significant traffic of emails and telephone calls to the national office from members of CAPE asking and sometimes demanding that the Association reject the off schedule negotiations, and particularly the negotiation of concessions on severance pay. Hundreds of members took advantage of CAPE’s web site to provide input and communicated a very clear message to their respective bargaining committees. Taking this message and other factors into consideration, both Bargaining Committees decided that the proposed expedited bargaining process would not be in the best interests of their respective bargaining unit. CAPE will continue to prepare for the upcoming regular rounds of collective bargaining.

The decisions to decline the invitations to expedited bargaining were conveyed to Treasury Board yesterday in letters to Mdme. Laurendeau.

EC Collective Bargaining Committee letter to Mdme. Laurendeau

TR Collective Bargaining Committee letter to Mdme. Laurendeau